Intract contractor profile view wearing safety hat and glasses

Our Vision

  • Provide secure long-term economic independence for Indigenous people and their communities


Intract contractors looking at blueprints at construction site

Our Mission

  • Provide effective and culturally aware employment and training within the construction industry
  • Excel in customer service and project delivery
  • Establish Intract as an employer of choice within Australia’s construction industry
  • Be respected within Indigenous communities, as a known industry leader in the delivery of quality employment and training opportunities
Intract commitment to the team

Our Commitment

  • Provide a work environment which is culturally appropriate
  • Respect the culture and values of Indigenous people
  • Ensure confidentially when requested
  • Be transparent and open in all decision-making with our partners, clients, staff and the broader community
  • Maximise the use of local Indigenous goods and services
  • Provide quality leadership and direction in training and daily activities
  • Promote a fair, safe and successful workplace