Carrapateena Exploration Camp Services


Oz Minerals


Carrapateena, South Australia




January 2012

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Project Overview

Construction and management of Exploration Camp at Carrapateena, South Australia.

McMahon Services and Intract Australia were engaged by OZ Minerals to construct the Exploration Camp at Carrapateena, 165km NE of Port Augusta in the Mid North of South Australia.

Due to the quality of service that was being provided to its own construction personnel by Drummond Solutions (McMahon Services nominated Catering Contractor for the construction work), McMahon Services was invited to provide a short term Catering and Camp Management Contract. This contract provided OZ Minerals with sufficient time to prepare suitable documents for their long term contract.


McMahon Services and Intract Australia as well as its Camp Management Contractor – Drummond Solutions, were required to facilitate this agreement with extremely short notice and work commenced over the construction industry’s Christmas shutdown period.

The challenges faced by McMahon Services, Intract Australia and Drummond Solutions in executing this short term contract included:

  • Sourcing linen and camp supplies over the Christmas shutdown;
  • Relocating specialist staff with short notice;
  • Securing local supply agreements with short notice over the Christmas period; and,
  • Overcoming logistical issues with local roads and camp vehicle procurement.
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