Larrakeyah Barracks Roofing Works


Department of Defence


Darwin, North Territory


$0.2 million


January 2020 to May 2020


Lump Sum Construct Only

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Works included removal and replacement of existing roof capping, barges and sheeting, removal and replacement of wire roof safety mesh, painting timber elements, replacing rotted timber fascia and barges, and replacement of wall louvres and associated support brackets. Roofing totalled 250m2 with 40m of fascia with lead-based paint remediated from the site. 

Works were completed with zero safety and environmental incidents. The workforce peaked at 11 with four Indigenous employees, achieving 35% Indigenous Participation. 


Project Challenges 

The Larrakeyah Barracks Store is a licensed explosive storage facility and the project team was obliged to comply with the Officer in Charge instructions to ensure safe working around explosive materials. No power onsite, fuels or generators were allowed within 15m of the compound, with all works to be completed with battery operated tools. No tools, materials or rubbish were to be left on site at any time when the work crew was not present. 

Environmental Performance 

Historical and Indigenous Heritage Site Works

Larrakeyah Barracks contains some of the oldest surviving buildings in Darwin, which are excellent examples of military architecture adapted to suit the tropical climate. These buildings have Heritage and Indigenous significance, in part due to the roles these buildings played during the build-up of a military presence in Darwin during World War II and the role the Barracks played in the defence of Australia’s north. 

The Larrakeyah Barracks Heritage Management Plan identified that several of these buildings had high heritage significance, therefore requiring a low tolerance for change to its form, fabric and function during any construction or maintenance works, restricting materials and construction methods. The Company complied with all requirements of the Plan during construction works.

The lands that Defence occupies around Darwin are part of the traditional lands of the Larrakia peoples and they hold numerous culturally important sites including conception sites, birthing sites, burial sites, sites connected with men and women’s ceremonial activity of ‘business’, and the landmarks that represent the movement and location of various Dreamings. 

The site is located in the western portion of Larrakeyah Barracks within the Sacred Site Precinct, an area of high importance to the Larrakia peoples. This meant that there were site specific requirements in place, including no women allowed on the site, no digging into the ground and heavy imprint of machinery. A Larrakeyah elder was required on site during construction. 


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