Woomera Village and Camp Rapier Building Maintenance Works




Woomera, South Australia




August 2016 - November 2016

Contract Type

Lump Sum Construct Only

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Project Overview

The Woomera Range Complex is a military testing range covering approximately 122,000km² in northwest South Australia, situated 450km northwest of Adelaide. It is the largest land testing range in the world, used for aerospace and systems testing under the control of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The Woomera Township is part of the Woomera Test Range that provides accommodation and services to personnel working at the Wommera Range Complex, and can house up to 500 people.

The Department of Defence required significant upgrade and repair works to several buildings in the township of Woomera and Camp Rapier that had been deteriorating for some time. This was in part due to the reopening of Woomera Camp Rapier, a secure garrison support and specialised training compound within the Woomera prohibited area. Personnel assigned to the garrison would require extended accommodation, health and entertainment facilities in the neighbouring township where they would be based.

Scope of Work

Aurecon as the project superintendent, engaged Intract Australia to undertake the works comprising of structural and architectural delivery over multiple delivery fronts. Works were undertaken in the Woomera Medical Clinic, Theatre, Operations Centre, the Executive Officer Magazine Building, the Cool Room at Camp Rapier, and the Woomera Village Accommodation Block comprising of 41 units. Scope included carpentry, roofing and cladding, painting, structural works, concrete works, installation of wall panels, electrical and mechanical cool room works, demolition works, asbestos removal, general maintenance and repairs.

The Womera Medical Clinic works included repair flaking paintwork to gutters, fascia and barge boards, repair of rust spots on guttering and downpipes, silicon repairs to gaps in guttering and downpipes, removal of stains to soffits and wall lining, strip flaking paint on window sills and window sill replacement.

Woomera Theatre works included the repairs to the theatre sign, repairs to flaking paintwork on gutters, fascia and barge boards, repairs to rust spots, silicon repairs to splits or gaps in guttering and downpipes, removal of stains to soffits and wall linings, strip flaking paint on window sills, window sill replacement, window sill tile replacement, concrete column repairs, replacement of light fittings and broken windows, stonework and masonry repairs, repairs to flaking louvers, repainting woodwork and doors, electrical conduit repairs, replacing door seals and installing downpipes.

Concrete works included the replacement of stairs, repairing concrete blockwork and the installation of new damp proof course where salt damp had damaged its integrity.

Operation Centre works included repair to flaking paintwork to gutters, fascia, barge boards and timber, masonry repairs, bird dropping cleaning, repainting doors, replacement of a timber pergola, and washing and repainting of the brick wall.

The Magazine Building in the Executive Officer Building at Camp Rapier works included the repair of brickwork, the installation of install new damp proof course where salt damp has damaged aspects of the building’s integrity, repair of flaking paintwork on window frames and doors, replacement of a fire door, and concrete cracking repairs in support columns.

Other Camp Rapier works included the demolition and removal of existing cool room panels, cool room equipment and storage accessories. Installation works included new cool room panels, lighting, doors, alarm bells, condensing units and a new floor.

Works at the Woomera Village’s Banool Avenue Accommodation Blocks 2F, 2A and F included the demolition and removal of existing carpet and vinyl floor coverings, the supply and installation of epoxy floorings, anodised aluminium floor trims, concrete pavements, and new split air conditioning units for 25 single and double bedroom accommodation.

Demolition works included removal of existing evaporative coolers, precision air conditioning units, electric heaters, fixings, supports, electrical wiring and controls. 100m² of asbestos vinyl flooring was found in the under layers on the existing flooring within two accommodation units and these were treated, removed and appropriately disposed of as a variation to the works.

Tenants were living in several units and the Medical Clinic and Operations Centre were operational while works were underway requiring open and regular communications to ensure minimal impacts on the occupants.

Indigenous and Local Participation

Works were delivered by four full-time Indigenous and two full-time non-Indigenous personnel. Over 12 Indigenous trades were employed during the course of the works achieving 67% Indigenous employment. Major subcontractors were all sourced from regional businesses and were engaged predominately to deliver electrical, carpentry, air conditioning and refrigeration works.

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