Intract views every project as an opportunity to grow our people and increase Indigenous participation within the workforce. We aim to create new employment pathways for local Indigenous people through our Workforce Development and Renewal Strategy.

As part of the Intract Workforce Development and Renewal Strategy, every Intract employee has a career development plan that includes training pathways that are mapped to work plans, as well as mentoring and support by highly skilled and experienced employees from within our own business and across our collaboration partners, McMahon Services Australia.

Our commitment to local Indigenous development and participation is so strong that we have invested in development and implementation of culturally safe frameworks applied to uniquely supported training programs and opportunities for our staff. We have created our own unique construction industry focused workplace preparation program for entry level employees.

Our commitment is actively demonstrated in our investment in very remote office locations and the provision of employment opportunities for local Indigenous people, on Country.


Intract takes a two-step approach to recruitment

  • We give preference to local recruitment from the communities where we deliver project works.
  • We apply a national recruitment strategy across all operations directed to continuously build a skilled core labour force mobile across Australia.

Local recruitment starts when we engage with employment pathway providers, Indigenous community groups and key stakeholders to identify suitable applications within the region a project is being delivered. The process is supported by recruitment advertising in local newspapers and online recruitment sites.

When projects conclude and we are no longer delivering works within a community’s region, we offer relocation opportunities to employees to our nearest centralised hub (i.e. Adelaide, Darwin, Alice Springs, Karratha and others) where they can be assigned to other projects within that region for employment progression and ongoing career development.

We understand that Indigenous people have strong connections to country, culture and family and many do not want to relocate away from where they live. During the delivery of works, all recruited personnel are provided with on-the-job training and upskilling to make sure that those who do not choose to relocate to other projects are better skilled for future opportunities in their community.

Intract Training at Adelaide Oval
Three Intract contractors standing out the front of building at construction site
Intract employee

Pre-employment Training

Before new employees start work, they are assessed and provided with the basic training to make sure they are job site ready. This includes securing white cards and basic training to get truck or bobcat operating licenses where appropriate. At the same time, employees undertake medicals and are provided with the tools, personnel protective equipment and other equipment required for onsite works. Intract uses locally based job network providers to manage all pre-employment requirements.

On the job training

When an employee identifies a career path of interest to them and the discipline – civil or building – they wish to work in, we offer Certificate II, III or IV training with an appropriate Registered Training Organisation in the preferred field. Theory-based components of the training are undertaken at the training organisation’s schools, while all other practical training and mentoring occurs on the job. We also run apprenticeship programs for many of our employees.

To support further training and development, Intract established its Indigenous Employment Program with funding from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

Examples of courses provided include:

  • Certificate IV in Civil Supervision (Code RII40709).
  • Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (Code BSB41407).
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).
  • Certificate II in Civil Construction (RII20709).
  • Certificate III in Civil Construction (RII30909).
  • Certificate III in Business (BSB30112).
  • Certificate I in Information Technology (ICA10105).
  • Asbestos Awareness Course (NAT10314).
  • Class B Non – Friable Asbestos.
  • Senior First Aid and Remote Area First Aid.
  • Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Training Remote.
Intract contractors looking at blueprints at construction site