Indigenous Traditions and Culture Policy

Intract respects the traditions and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and recognises the unique relationship that they have to country, culture and family. Intract believes that due consideration of Indigenous cultural commitments and a joint management approach to meet both cultural and commercial requirements forms an important part of successful operations.

Intract’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditions and Culture Policies provides series of principles we follow across our business:

  • We build trust and respect.
  • We respect human and property rights, and sites of cultural, historical or religious significance.
  • We adopt a clear and concise approach to negotiations with landholders.
  • We behave in a manner that meets and respects cultural customs and practices.
  • We strive to deliver greater opportunities for commercial enterprise, employment and career development.
  • We monitor and respond to Indigenous affairs and policies.
  • We provide cultural awareness training to ensure employees recognise the potential impacts of their activities.
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