Intract can provide asbestos remediation works in all States and Territories of Australia. Our qualified removal technicians are required to complete regular health monitoring programs every two years in accordance with industry best practice.

Our Collaboration Agreement with McMahon Services Australia Pty Ltd, a leading asbestos removalist company, ensures Intract can deliver comprehensive asbestos management services covered by the most all-embracing asbestos insurance cover available.

Intract team members wearing protection during asbestos remediation

Intract's asbestos capabilities include:

  • Commercial and industrial asbestos removal, both Class A (friable) and Class B (bonded)
  • Project management of asbestos and hazardous materials
  • Controlled waste, chemical and dangerous goods transportation
  • Removal of asbestos contaminated dust
  • Asbestos surveys, testing and analysis
  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging and re-insulation
  • Remediation of asbestos and other contaminants in soil
  • Fire and flood emergency response
  • Repair or encapsulation of asbestos lined walls and roofs
  • Removal and transport of waste to approved facility