Defence Science and Technology Group Mounds Rectification Works


JLL Augility


Adelaide, South Australia


$0.8 million


April 2016 to August 2016

Contract Type

Lump Sum Construct Only

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Project Overview

The Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group is part of Australia’s Department of Defence. It is the second largest public-funded research and development organisation in Australia. DST is the Australian Government’s lead agency responsible for applying science and technology to safeguard Australia and its national interests.

DST employs approximately 2,100 staff, predominantly scientists, engineers, IT specialists and technicians. Their headquarters is in Canberra and a major research facility is located at Edinburgh in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Scope of Work

Intract Australia were contracted by JLL Augility on behalf of the Department of Defence to provide multidiscipline works to create an 80m² crushed rock extension to the existing explosive storage bunkers. Works included 38,000m² of asbestos soils remediation, mechanical demolition of a 12m² building, construction of a 30m retaining wall, weed control of sand mounds, installation of geofrabrics and hydroseeding within an operational Defence facility.

The bunkers consisted of elcorock engineered sand filled containers constructed from heavy duty staple-fibre polyester and polypropylene designed for heavy duty weathering conditions. 330 elcorock bags each massing 1.2t were added to the mound to increase the bunker length and to meet explosive storage compliance standards. The fabrication of a specialised excavator attachment allowed for fast and efficient placement of the bags improving the overall program delivery and improving future maintenance regimes.

The existing mounds and house were contaminated with asbestos and were home to vermin, therefore stringent environmental controls were placed upon the removal and remediation of waste materials. Vermin boroughs were sealed using a GeoSpray applied to the mounds at a rate of 3.5kg/m². The mound then underwent hydroseeding to improve the overall structural integrity of the mound over time.

The retaining wall comprised of a 1m high concrete sleeper retaining structure. Works included the concrete cutting and removal of eight footings, the supply and installation of new hot dip galvanised 150mm beam and 150mm perfluorinated compound to the new concrete footings, and the supply and installation of new 2.0m by 0.2m by 0.08m reinforced concrete sleepers.

During the delivery of the works, the client requested the construction of an additional mound, which combined with extensions due to unprecedented inclement weather, resulting in a 20-day extension to the works.

Local and Indigenous Participation

Workforce peaked at 16 with six Indigenous personnel employed across all the works, achieving a 30% Indigenous participation rate. Plant and equipment utilised on the project included a 20t excavator, 13t excavator, forklift, boom lift and scissor lift, skid steer loader and a front-end loader. The project achieved nil safety or environmental incidents. Across all works, subcontractors and direct hire, 80% of the workforce were employed from the local community.

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