Northern Territory Housing Maintenance and Tenancy Management Services


Department of Housing


Maningrida and Gunbalanya, Northern Territory




February 2014 to Ongoing


Managing Contractor

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Project Overview

Intract Australia has been contracted by the Northern Territory Government Department of Housing to provide housing maintenance co-ordination services in the remote Indigenous communities of Maningrida and Gunbalanya in the Northern Territory for a period of 55 months, commencing in February 2014.

The Provision of Housing Maintenance Co-ordination Services is delivered in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act; the Remote Public Housing Management Framework; the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing and other legislation and Territory Housing policy and procedures relevant to the provision of the Services.

Intract Australia has established offices in both Maningrida and Gunbalanya, and employ five full-time Housing Maintenance Officers to provide a first response for housing maintenance services including carrying out necessary minor general repairs and maintenance to over 500 public and government employee houses.

Intract Australia is maintaining a 60% Indigenous employment rate for the delivery of Housing Maintenance Services and is exceeding the target by 20%.

Key Housing Maintenance Services include:

  • Providing a first response for any Tenants requiring repairs and maintenance on the Houses occupied by them.
  • Registering all repairs and maintenance requests and provide a registration reference number to the person making the request.
  • Inspecting the House in respect of which a request is received from a Tenant to identify the nature of the repairs and maintenance required (“requirements”) and report to Territory Housing accordingly.


  • If the requirements are such that the services of a qualified tradesperson are needed, assist in coordinating the engagement of an appropriate tradesperson from the panel of tradespersons established by Territory Housing from time to time.
  • Where the requirements are of a minor nature and the services of a qualified tradesperson are not needed, attend to the requirements in accordance with the Contract and the Handbook.
  • Advising Tenants of progress and expected completion times of their requirements being attended to.
  • Providing a monthly report detailing the repairs and maintenance services which have been completed at each House in a Community.
  • Assisting Community residents to complete and lodge Territory Housing forms relevant to the Services.
  • Recording and report to Territory Housing all requests received from Tenants during inspections and support visits, and at other times.
  • In addition to any ad hoc inspection required as a result of a request received from a Tenant requiring repairs and maintenance, conduct an inspection of each House at least once every twelve (12) months or otherwise at direction of Territory Housing for the purpose of establishing the condition of the House and report the findings to Territory Housing.
  • Providing an after-hours contact for emergency services.
  • Where the authority of Territory Housing is required in respect of any requests for repairs and maintenance services, obtain such authority from Territory Housing
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