Flood Damage Remediation in Edinburgh


Department of Defence


JLL Augility


Adelaide, South Australia




November 2016 - January 2017

Contract Type

Lump Sum Contract Only

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Project Overview

Royal Australian Air Force’s Base Edinburgh is situated 25km north of Adelaide. It is primarily home to the Air Warfare Centre and No 92 Wing’s AP-3C Orion and P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft that conduct surveillance operations throughout Australia’s airspace.

Scope of Work

Due to the location and nature of the RAAF base, it can become subject to flooding in certain areas in large rain events. Intract were contracted to clean the various stormwater drains on site and to mitigate any future flooding or environment impacts resulting from the current state of the stormwater system.

Initial investigations of all side entry points, graded inlet pits and culverts identified that while there were instances of complete blockages in several capture points, there were no failures in the culvert and no significant intrusion by root systems. It was also identified that the majority of remediation works were required at a single location, the Integrated Test and Training Facility.

Initial works comprised of removing existing vegetation covering swales, stockpiling all grass turf for later reinstatement, disposing of unwanted vegetation, removing the top soil, clearing all existing culverts and stormwater pipes of any soil or debris, re-grading the existing batters, installing 100mm rip rock and 150mm top soil where specified, addressing culvert and swale grading concerns.

Upon completion off the swale works, installation of new side entry pits and cleaning the site around the testing and training facility was undertaken. Together with the SEP works, installation of additional stormwater drains and the installation of a new reflux valve was completed to ensure the water was diverted away from the building.

Major challenges facing the project was completing stormwater works during periods of heavy rain. Despite this potentially hazardous challenge, works were still completed to program.

Local and Indigenous Participation

Intract Australia employed four trades personnel, two of which were Indigenous achieving a 50% Indigenous participation. The entire workforce was from South Australia and all works were self-performed by Intract personnel. The project was completed on time and on budget with nil adverse safety or environmental incidents.

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