Utilities Coordination Services


Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


Adelaide, SA

Contract Type

Lump Sum Schedule of Rates


Ongoing since September 2019


Civil Works, Engineering, Waste Management, Community and Stakeholder Management


55% Indigenous Participation

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Keeping Metro Traffic Moving (KMTM) is a South Australian Government initiative focused on tackling road congestion, keeping traffic flowing and getting commuters home sooner. KMTM is focused on making the best use of existing road and public transport assets through a mix of short to medium term, low-cost actions, and is managed through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The projects are Federally funded from the Urban Congestion Fund.

Intract has worked with the Government to improve major intersections across metropolitan Adelaide including:

  • Goodwood, Springbank and Daws Roads
  • Portrush and Magill Roads intersection upgrade
  • Main North, McIntyre and Kings Roads intersection upgrade
  • Grand Junction and Hampstead Roads intersection upgrade

Scope of Work

Intract has supported the South Australian Government’s program by undertaking utility coordination works to support the engineering design, development and construction of major intersections across metropolitan Adelaide.

As part of its planning and design works of the intersection upgrade, the Department engaged Intract to physically locate all major underground services to advance engineering design and ultimately construction of the projects. The project team developed detailed methodologies to ensure each intersection was completed on time without incurring any major delays to traffic.

Key activities included:

  • Scoping the utilities against concept designs
  • Interrogating design models to refine site works
  • Traffic management, staging and management plans to deliver works within site and traffic constraints
  • Liaising with the Traffic Management Centre and the Department to obtain road access permits and allowable occupations
  • Services locating
  • Liaising with utility authorities including Telstra, SA Water, SA Power Networks and Origin Energy
  • Non-destructive digging using water and air
  • Surveying, modelling and services reports
  • Liaising with design engineers
  • Civil works.

Aboriginal Participation and Training

The South Australian Government’s Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy focuses on leveraging Aboriginal employment and business enterprise from Government procurement, building the capability of the Aboriginal business sector to compete for Government and private sector tenders. This ultimately increases opportunities for long term sustainable employment for Aboriginal Australians.

Key outcomes of the program of works to date include over 55% Aboriginal participation, employment of new Aboriginal trainees, and direct engagement with Intract – a Supply Nation Certified Aboriginal owned and managed business.

De-Risking Projects

Intract adopted an engineering and construction approach to Utilities Coordination Services to de-risk major construction projects.

Intract supported its clients by scoping, identifying and modelling in-ground services to provide accurate engineering design information of new works. Our early engagement resulted in real time and cost savings by accurately locating utilities and also when required, liaising with service authorities to undertake relocation’s and early works ahead of head contractors.

Our Complete Utility Coordination Services included:

  • Services detection and locating
  • Non-destructive digging (hydro and air)
  • Survey and modelling
  • Engineering design input and constructability
  • Liaison with service authorities
  • Civil works including service adjustments, relocation and site set-up.
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